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A positive response to depression in a recent NZ Herald story about a new health service planned for Rotorua to help people with mild depression before their mental illness spirals out of control. This is an improvement on the July 24 article Kirwan depression ads ‘too successful’. The earlier article quotes Mental Health Commission chair Ruth Harrison as saying that as a result of the successful campaign the demand for mental health programmes – particularly counseling services – had “rocketed”.

Till now there hasn’t been much evidence of an increase in services following widespread publicity about depression through the multimillion- dollar advertising campaign fronted by former All Black John Kirwan about the importance of seeking help for depression.

On Love Your Body Day 2007 you are invited to celebrate your body. Are ready for some positive thinking about your body? Do the unthinkable.
Love Your Body Day, October 17, 2007 in between 11am and 1pm, Cathedral Square. Come down for a belly dance in your lunch break. There will be:

  • Information
  • Go Girls video
  • release your negativity.. balloons

In Auckland, Eating Difficulties Education Network (EDEN) is hosting a community mural-painting event in Aotea Square between 12 noon and 5pm. The public will be invited to paint their response to the phrases such as, “Why I love my body…”and “Real beauty is…”, on a huge canvas. Various kiwi celebrities will also be participating in the event and great prizes will be up for grabs.

In our overly image conscious world we are constantly told what is beautiful and what is not. Celebrities are criticised for being too skinny but are also blasted for being overweight. This endless body obsession affects many of us, particularly women. Studies have indicated that up to 80% of women are dissatisfied with their bodies. Body dissatisfaction is a key factor in the development of disordered eating.

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